Friday, September 30, 2005

Welcome to Joe Lombardo

I'd like to take a moment to welcome a friend and long-time noise fan (and occasional noise artist from what I've heard), Joe Lombardo. Anyone who's anybody in the noise scene knows (or should know) who Joe is.

A native Chi-towner that currently lives in the land of the rising noise, Joe has been giving out/posting reviews for who knows how many dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of noise releases. I thought it would be great if he had a regular place on the web where he might post those reviews at his leisure.

So I invited him to be a co-blogger at the harshnoise blog.

Thanks for accepting my invitation, Joe. I look forward to reading more of your reviews!

Harshnoise,, and

*edit-Tim has informed me that is solely Bob's pet

Tim Oliveira (aka Stimbox) and Bob Scott Sato (aka Xome) created the Harshnoise website in 2001 as a place to find info about or post reviews about noise-making equipment. If you don't know what Noise Music is, then go away (No, just kidding), you might check out the Wikipedia entry about the genre. - effect pedals and music equipment for noise contains information, pictures and reviews of musical equipment that might appeal to musicians who don't play common styles of music... like noise! We have over 1900 items on this site for your viewing pleasure and are constantly updating the site with new information and adding new features so visit us often! You can start by browsing equipment information by category or manufacturer below or you may want to try searching for equipment.

Tim and Bob also created the site as both a site for the Harshnoise label and a site to host what they consider to be the some of the best Noise Music and "Noisicians" currently active (yes I am listed there if you were wondering). is the home of the Harshnoise music label and also serves as a digital archive of noise music in MP3 format by some of the world's finest noise artists. The site is frequently updated with fresh tracks and information, so check back often.

Being the enterprising noisicians that they are, Tim and* Bob also started the site where gear can be purchased.
NoiseFX sells pedal effects, synthesizers and related musical equipment for the musician who wants to make more noise!

Now that you have the resources, get some gear and make some more noise in the world.


What is this?

This is a blog. This blog will be for reviews and info about the Noise Music genre.