Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Joseph Roemer's One Hundred Essential Noise Releases

Just to have it somewhere for people to link to, I've posted "One Hundred Noise Releases as recommended by Joseph Roemer." Thanks to Segerhuva for posting the list and Carlos of Angbase fame (and Pitchphase) for hosting a scan of the original 11x17 list that Joe sent to him.

Top Ten lists remind me of the late night comedy morons and seems stupid to me. After several attempts to group these titles in LP, 7", CD and Cassette categories I just said "Fuck It" and decided instead on: One Hundred Noise Releases as recommended by Joseph Roemer ... (In no particular order)

001. ENTRE VIFS-l'ordre par le bruit-CD-(artware)
002. MACRONYMPHA-pittsburgh-LP-(p.d.b.)
003. VIVENZA-metallurgie-CS-(freedom in a vacuum)
004. MONDE BRUITS-selected works-CD-(endorphine factory)
005. EMIL BEAULIEAU/MERZBOW-chicago-LP-(rrr)
006. THE NEW BLOCKADERS-symphonie x...-LP-(hypnagogue)
007. "WORLD RECORD"-comp-CD-(alchemy)
008. KAZUMOTO ENDO-evergreen-7"EP-(p.a.l.)
009. TAINT-indecent liberties-LP-(p.d.b.)
010. "NOISE WAR"-comp-CS-(mother savage)
011. K2-metal dysplasia-CD-(cheeses international)
012. LE SYNDICAT-cercle de soufre-LP-(bogart)
013. ERIC LUNDE-xchdx-LP-(w.n.s.)
014. SUDDEN INFANT-radio orgasm-LP-(shimpfluch)
015. "BRUITISTE"-comp-LP-(rrr)
016. THIRDORGAN-guardian angel-CS-(shimizu)
017. KILLER BUG-vaginal disco-CS-(mother savage)
018. "NOISE FOREST"-comp-CD-(les disques du soleil)
019. MACROONYMPHA-intensive care-CD-(self abuse)
020. INCAPACITANTS-fabrication-CD-(alchemy)
021. MLEHST-breathing in dead flies-LP-(bhp)
022. "EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC OF JAPAN"-comp-LP-(nhk/victor)
023. EXFOLIATION-legion-CS-(s.f.c.r.)
024. MSBR-destruktive locomotion-(pure)
025. ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO-madrid/tolosa-CS-(...)
026. "NEW CATASTROPHIC FORCES"-comp-CS-(united syndicate)
027. TAINT-blitz action trauma-CS-(s.h.f.)
028. ENTRE VIFS-heavy duty-CS-(chthulhu)
029. MLEHST-a cold fuck-...-(bhp)
031. "EVEN ANTI-ART IS ART"-comp-CS-(rrr)
032. SKIN CRIME-audio pathology-CD-(armed and loaded)
033. K2-de novo-CS-(kinky music)
034. ZONE NORD-marche noir-LP-(sacem)
035. SOLMANIA-metaphor chorus-CD-(alchemy)
036. MASONNA-shinsen na clitoris-CD-(vanilla)
037. HIJOKAIDAN-modern-CD-(alchemy)
038. "JOURNEY INTO PAIN"-comp-CS-(rrr)
039. "AMERICANOISE"-comp-CS-(mother savage)
040. "MUSIC SHOULD HURT"-comp-CD-(self abuse)
041. MERZBOW-noiseembryo-CD-(releasing eskimo)
042. HANGED MAN'S ORGASM-rifkin-7"EP-(mother savage)
043. KNURL-nervescrap-CD-(pure)
044. INCAPACITANTS/MACRONYMPHA-split-7"EP-(mother savage)
045. S.ISABELLA-point de caption-CD-(xerxes)
046. DANIEL MENCHE-legions in the walls-CD-(trente oiseaux)
047. OVMN-visions of autoerotic excess-CD-(armed and loaded)
048. 666VBN-blunt objects-CS-(mother savage)
049. LE SYNDICAT-...-3xLP BOX-(rrr)
050. ONE DARK EYE-chronicle of a death foretold-2xLP-(non mi piace)
051. TAINT-whoredom-CD-(p.d.b.)
052. MERZBOW-pulse demon-CD-(release)
053. INCAPACITANTS-as loud as possible-CD-(zabriskie point)
054. GRUNT/MACRONYMPHA-split-LP-(freak animal)
055. AUBE-quadrotation-4x7"EP-(self abuse)
056. KILLER BUG-cunt explosion-7"EP-(releasing eskimo)
057. SKIN CRIME-whorebutcher-CS-(mother savage)
058. HIJOKAIDAN-romance-CD-(alchemy)
059. MLEHST-dancing pricks-CS-(muzamuza)
060. MASONNA-madamoiselle anne sanglante...-CD-(alchemy)
061. MONDE BRUITS-man'o'war-CS-(vanilla)
062. "ARTIFICIAL NERVE 1 and 2"-comp-CS-(xerxes)
063. INCAPACITANTS-no progress-CD-alchemy
064. LE SYNDICAT-rectitude-CS-(la procedure)
065. GOVERNMENT ALPHA-maternity-CS-(mother savage)
066. MSBR/MERZBOW-split-7"EP-mother savage)
067. PAIN JERK-trashware-CD-(pure)
068. AMB/HYWARE/KAPOTTE MUZIEK-split-LP-(p.d.b.)
069. MACRONYMPHA-amplified humans-CS-(se)
070. TAINT-victimology-CS-(taint)
071. INCAPACITANTS-new movements-CD-(alchemy)
072. AUBE-wired trap-CD-(self abuse)
073. MSBR-collapseland-CD-(heelstone)
074. MACRONYMPHA-crack-CS-(b/b)
075. KILLER BUG-your wife is mine-7"EP-(self abuse)
076. ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO-utrecht-LP-(e.g.p.)
077. MLEHST-ignorance against...-LP-(bhp)
078. MACRONYMPHA/GOVERNMENT ALPHA-split-CD-(mother savage/xerxes)
079. "DEDICATION 1 AND 2"-comp-LP/CD-(artware)
080. ILLUSION OF SAFETY-historical-CD-(staalplaat)
081. LUSTMORD-heresy-CD-(soleilmoon)
082. MLEHST-group milk-CS-(bhp)
083. "MAXIMUM NOISE"-comp-CS-(h.l.a.s.)
084. MSBR/GOVERNMENT ALPHA-split-CS-(xerxes)
085. THE NEW BLOCKADERS-...-2xCD BOX-(tesco)
086. "EXTREME AMERICA VOL.2"-comp-7"EP-(knot music)
087. CRAWL UNIT-zodiac-7"EP-(self abuse)
088. MACRONYMPHA-art shawcross-7"EP-(self abuse)
089. ATRAX MORGUE-james huberty-7"EP-(self abuse)
090. UNDERGROUND USA AND CANADA-comp-CS-(mother savage)
091. CONTROLLED BLEEDING-bladder bags-CD-(vanilla)
092. MO-TE-peaceful world-CS-(h.l.a.s.)
093. JOHN WATERMANN-calcutta-CD-(nd)
094. THIRDORGAN-jinzoningen-
095. "...VULTURES MISS NOTHING"-comp-2xLP-(harbinger)
096. RRREPORT 1 AND 2-comp-ZINE/CD-(rrr)
097. MLEHST-never understand her-LP-(bhp)
098. STIMBOX/MO-TE-split-CS-(uncut)
099. INCAPACITANTS-quietus-CD-(alchemy)
100. MACRONYMPHA-melting softly into time-LP-(rrr)

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