Thursday, November 24, 2005

review: Nitro Dragsters: "A Tribute to OVMN and the Incapacitants"

Nitro Dragsters - A Tribute to OVMN and the Incapacitants 2xcdr (Militant Walls #1)

I think it`s safe to say, you can never have enough Militant Walls. Unvarnished harsh purity. Mass of unrelenting, whole brain consumption. First order filth. Call it what you want. This is noise as it was always meant to be. “A Tribute to OVMN and the Incapacitants” pretty much says it all. From the obvious contributors (Goat, Filthy Turd) to the less obvious but always welcome (Pedestrian Deposit, Sickness), the shit found on Nitro Dragsters delivers.

As I understand it, Nitro Dragsters was originally destined for cassette release, but duplication issues ultimately resulted in a cdr format release. Still, the thing looks good, and sounds great!

With perhaps one exception, all contributors supply tracks safely within the Militant Walls confines. To my ear, those who chose to interpret the “tribute” literally tend to favor Incapacitants over OVMN but that`s to be expected. Also as to be expected, the majority of contributions rate relatively high in “density” and “harmonicaness”, but fairly low in “spasticity”. I found the degree of “harshness” employed surprisingly variable among the various submissions.

With luck, the following comments will encourage Nitro Dragsters contributors to review their submissions, weigh them against the comp in general, and then determine to what extent they`d like Soddy to GO FUCK HIMSELF.


Burning Star Core - Untitled
Synth-lubed softness wafts warmly into smoothed-out cavernous depths, skimming along sleek, dripping surfaces to issue yawning porcelain walls and deep psych atmos. Candy coated dronescapes shiver against satiny whispered exhaust vapor combustion.
Harshness 2.4 Density 7.6 Spasticity 0.0 Rawness 1.0 Craftsmanship 7.5 Harmonicaness 8.7

The Cherry Point - The Unseen
Grinning shitsmeared grit-churn shoved unceremoniously through badly rumpled crinkle fizz, belching butthole ripple sputtering a mangled meat-shred flatulence. Tightly clenched piss-slither and buzzing jizz particles roughly suffocated, consumed.
Harshness 6.4 Density 7.0 Spasticity 0.0 Rawness 7.9 Craftsmanship 4.8 Harmonicaness 5.5

Kelly Churko - Restructuring and the Disposal of Non Performing Loans
Supreme power and force. Brutal earhole annihilating screech-scathe bludgeon. Active, able, awe-inspiring: a worthy tribute to Incapacitants if ever there was, and quite possibly the only contribution which actually rivals the banker buddies in terms of raw brutality and pure sound pressure.
Harshness 9.3 Density 9.6 Spasticity 5.1 Rawness 7.7 Craftsmanship 10.0 Harmonicaness 8.1

Threshing Floor - Worship
Beat up bubble-butt sphincter rip. Abused synthetic slather-bite ground down and grated. Some additional application of the volume knob may be required to enjoy the full effects of this one.
Harshness 5.2 Density 2.1 Spasticity 6.7 Rawness 7.2 Crafsmanship 3.8 Harmonicaness 2.9

Filthy Turd - Susan is Troubled By Strange Nightmares
Raging fully saturated char-burnt metal shriek blister-wash. Packed tight and thrashing away, this one nevertheless loses some momentum after the first couple minutes. Still, what it loses in momentum it gains in sheer harsh purity.
Harshness 9.6 Density 8.3 Spasticity 0.0 Rawness 4.7 Craftsmanship 5.6 Harmonicaness 7.3

Goat - They Shall Take Up Serpents
Fuck yeah! T. Mikawa may still be the king but this shit`s on fire. Once again the Goat shows them how it`s done. Shredworthy blister-scathe courses and surges with raw energy, stabs of piercing slather-blast doing the earholes a treat.
Harshness 9.0 Density 8.3 Spasticity 4.2 Rawness 6.7 Craftsmanship 8.6 Harmonicaness 6.9

Mania - Bestialized
Nitro Dragsters` filthiest submission extends rust-covered shit shovel, scraping bilge-encrusted nougat out the curdled depths. Wrinkled clank of metal junk stumble lurch, thud, crunkle-plunk. Terrific atmosphere, this.
Harshness 6.6 Density 5.3 Sepasticity 2.8 Rawness 10.0 Crafstmanship 6.6 Harmonicaness 1.5

Guilty Connector - Tonight At All the Akacho in Your Town
Razorsharp overkill hits its wall, seems to stall in looped whiplash wank, then starts to develop a semi-erratic dialog which eventually hits a genuine stride and coasts on epic subsurface whitewash, proudly borne to a finely fluttered conclusion.
Harshness 7.6 Density 6.9 Spasticity 4.6 Rawness 5.4 Craftsmanship 7.1 Harmonicaness 6.7

Kakerlak - Organo Phosphate Lust
Granulated butt kernels scrunched inside quivering blubbercheeks and overcooked meat-gristle. Stylish sweeping velocity roiling in a molten, crust-baked inferno.
Harshness 6.7 Density 7.2 Spasticity 4.0 Rawness 5.3 Craftsmanship 7.4 Harnmonicaness 4.1

Maim - No Fuckin` Lemons
Fat, concrete slabs smash through distant ambient backwash. Layers of low-end gob-slobbering knob-twizzle ultimately minced, mangled, chewed up, spat out. Cumbersome mewling macrodensities.
Harshness 6.9 Density 8.6 Spasticity 4.8 Rawness 7.0 Craftsmanship 7.4 Harmonicaness 7.7

Lasse Marhaug - Good Morning, Mr Mikawa
Theremin-fueled ice-flows steadily built into warbling, slick sheened simmer-flush. Slender waves of bloop-warp gain size and dimension, fleshing out a full-course free-style snowcone slit-slushy.
Harshness 6.8 Density 7.4 Spasticity 6.3 Rawness 3.1 Crafstmanship 7.1 Harmonicaness 5.7

Romero - Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Gaping bellows blown though wind-tunnel waterfalls. A tar blackened atmospheric nightmare wiping your noisebrain fully out of existence. Stylish.
Harshness 6.8 Density 8.7 Spasticity 0.0 Rawness 1.0 Craftsmanship 7.6 Harmonicaness 10.0

Grunt - RautaErektio #2
Piles upon piles of cascading scrapmetal slam against an overwhelming flow of bass-bludgered, lowbrow extremity. Steamclouds of cantankerous crunch gushing, billowing over. Superb.
Harshness 7.5 Density 9.5 Spasticity 5.7 Rawness 6.8 Crafstamanship 8.8 Harmonicaness 7.3


Nkondi - Unbearableloudnessof being
Ass-ripping rawness. Filth-flapped splinter-crunch. Momentous ruptured grind-rage. Unrelenting but somehow calm, disciplined, an ingenious deliberateness almost visible inside the rippling maelstrom. Solid.
Harshness 7.6 Density 5.8 Spasticity 7.0 Rawness 9.9 Craftsmanship 8.1 Harmonicaness 2.9

OPC - Untitled
If you still aren`t yet down with OPC, you is one sadly deluded mothafukka! Stupendous blazing rage-walls clambering with uncompromising ferocity. Feel this one scoop your puny noisebrain right out your skull and wring the fucker raw. Sexy.
Harshness 8.3 Density 7.4 Spasticity 6.5 Rawness 8.9 Craftsmanship 7.6 Harmonicaness 6.2

Pedestrian Deposit - Silhouette
Unleash the beast! Roaring with tense, heavy-handed violence, a steamrollered attack engulfs the desensitized noise-corpse, chasing shitshower shadows of blister-rage macrosonics. Vicious undercurrents shredded raw. Kaleidoscopic densities. Sonorous beauty.
Harshness 8.8 Density 9.4 Spasticity 5.9 Rawness 6.4 Craftsmanship 10.0 Harmonicaness 7.2

Richard Ramirez - Rabid
One of the best things I`ve heard from Ramirez. Well composed, nicely laid out, precipitously paced, still managing to steer clear of precision-guided contrast, the raw waves accumulate, saturate, satisfy.
Harshness 7.9 Density 7.6 Spasticity 3.8 Rawness 8.4 Craftsmanship 9.3 Harmonicaness 7.6

The Rita - Grey Nurse Tied Down in a Net
Comp compiler The Rita serve up a dense mass of full flavored goodness that meets expectations nicely. A warm blanket smothers the listener in piles of pure, unfettered sludge.
Harshness 6.8 Density 8.1 Spasticity 0.0 Rawness 8.2 Craftsmanship 4.7 Harmonicaness 6.0

Scab - Hmrrmg
More all-out earhole slobbering grit. Meaty, crud-sputtered bilge-piles find a hole, jump in. Deceptively simple, but on closer inspection a number of close-packed drone-scrape elements are at play inside the festering filth-flood. This one has grown on me.
Harshness 2.4 Density 7.8 Spasticity 0.0 Rawness 5.8 Craftsmanship 7.0 Harmonicaness 8.9

Seplophobia - Untitled
Shrill streams of waterlogged shimmer flushed through razored dental scree. Dilatory, iron-tinged waves slip, slide, salivate in sheer, sharply chipped, whittled down scuzz-wail.
Harshness 7.8 Density 5.7 Spascity 2.7 Rawness 3.3 Craftsmanship 7.8 Harmonicaness 6.2

Sewer Election - (Trans) Sexual Treatments for Harsh Heads
Brutish screech-laden feedback squeal explodes into gargantuan glowering brainblow rainbow-swarm. A variety of elements stirred carefully into the mix eventually develop an almost frantic articulation, spinning in deceptively disparate disregard for control? No fucking chance. Fucking killer.
Harshness 8.7 Density 9.4 Spasticity 7.4 Rawness 8.7 Craftsmanship 9.7 Harmonicaness 7.2

Sickness - No Sale, No Credit, No tax for Prostitute
Full bodied thunder-drub, a heaving, puking buffet of perforated nail-grind suffle. Screeching textures flail at the periphery of rich, bludgersludge tapestries. The deepest textures inundate, expand, release.
Harshness 8.9 Density 9.3 Spasticity 1.3 Rawness 7.0 Craftsmanship 6.9 Harmonicaness 8.2

Stimbox - OVMNS
Deep, dark, wide-based sewage flows wind and weave through subdued, corrugated drainpipe drone. Steady, see-through blush-flush crotch-sniff, and leaden, warm wet flutter-tease.
Harshness 3.9 Density 8.6 Spasticity 1.0 Rawness 1.9 Craftsmanship 7.7 Harmonicaness 9.2

John Wiese - I Love Derivatives
Easily the furthest deviation from the expected Militant Walls. Thin, burnt-out, screech textures spliced into slick dicings of digestible earhole incision. The frantic nature is nevertheless betrayed by its surface reliant whistle-crack.
Harshness 7.8 Density 2.0 Spasticity 6.8 Rawness 6.6 Craftsmanship 7.3 Harmonicaness 0.0

Panicsville - Necro-Unagi
Brief , bristling shrieks-quawk ground into fractured pits of ripped-raw fiber-trail. A low-pitched hum-spin envelops the affair whilst assorted background catcalls crackle with ill tempered grace.
Harshness 6.9 Density 7.0 Spasticity 7.0 Rawness 7.0 Craftsmanship 7.0 Harmonicaness 6.6

Shiflet - Amateur Saboteur
Flatulant bass-blubber blub-a-blub-blub. Carefully modulated flab-ripple. Coruscating fudge-puckers pumped and plopped through poop-shoot plump-stump.
Harshness 2.1 Density 3.7 Spasticity.1.5 Rawness 7.8 Craftsmanship 6.4 Harmonicaness 4.5

PCRV - Pierce
Ding-a-ling! Sped up ring-chimes clanging waves of severe, twinkling glee. Squealing sonics creep in toward the end, nicely upping the intensity without ever really deviating from the straight-ahead earhole pierce.
Harshness 7.8 Density 3.6 Spasticity 1.0 Rawness 6.0 Craftsmanship 6.7 Harmonicaness 5.9